Support Modification Attorney in Rolla

While a divorce decree is meant to be a finalized document, there are certain instances where changes may be necessary. If children are not thriving or a spouse is not able to become independent, modifications may be necessary. While you are not required to work with an attorney to seek a modification, it is in your best interests to retain legal counsel.

Daniels Law Office will provide the services you are seeking. Our Rolla, Missouri, law firm represents individuals in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, custody, child support, asset division, modifications and more.

Putting Your Best Interests First

When you work with attorney Stephen Daniels and our legal team, you have the benefit of knowing that we will keep your best interests in the foreground at all times. We understand that all family law matters differ depending on the parties involved and will take a unique approach to finding an effective resolution for your situation.

The Importance of Working With an Attorney

The courts in Missouri are typically reluctant to make modifications unless there is a realistic need for the change. Changes to custody and support obligations may encourage fighting among parties, which can have a negative impact on certain (if not all) parties involved. If your situation calls for a modification, it is important to work with a lawyer. We can help with the following types of modifications:

  • Child support payments: If a child is not receiving the financial support he or she needs, a change in support may be necessary.
  • Spousal support (alimony) payments: While spousal support is usually short term, changes may be necessary if one spouse is not able to become independent.
  • Child custody: If a child is not thriving, he or she may need a modification to the current custody agreement.
  • Visitation schedules: Visitation schedules may need to be modified based on parental relocation or other factors.

Contact a Lawyer to Help Modify Missouri Child Support and Alimony

Your family’s changing needs are important. By working with a support modification attorney in Rolla you can make sure that your best interests are protected. Contact our firm to learn about our services. Call 573-341-2104 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Let Us Help You