High Net Worth Divorce in Rolla

In order to handle a complex divorce, your attorney must have in-depth knowledge of Missouri laws and understand how to develop an effective strategy for reaching a favorable outcome. At our Rolla law firm, you will find the experience you need for your complicated situation.

Daniels Law Office serves clients in Rolla, Missouri, and throughout the surrounding areas in family law matters, including high net worth divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, modifications and more.

We are a small law firm that offers significant experience in many different practice areas. Attorney Stephen Daniels has more than 20 years of legal experience and has successfully handled a wide range of family law issues. He understands the emotional issues that can be involved in divorce, as well as how it can impact a business and your financial life. He will work directly with you to determine what course of action to take and fully protect your rights.

Dividing Assets in Complex Divorce

When many assets are involved in divorce litigation, the property division process can be complicated. At Daniels Law Office, we have experience working with high net worth clients, business owners and others involved in complex divorce matters. If necessary, we can even work with experts such as real estate appraisers and accountants to assist with your situation. We pay particular attention to detail and will make certain you get your fair share in your divorce settlement.

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Let Us Help You