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Planning ahead for the future may not seem like a simple thing to do. However, it is important that you make certain you have taken all the necessary steps for protecting your family and loved ones. At our Missouri law firm, we will give you the information you need to make a smart decision.

Located in Rolla, Daniels Law Office provides legal services in the area of estate planning and probate. We are led by an experienced lawyer and legal team who provide quality and individualized services for clients. At our firm, our clients are our number one priority. We will be here to make certain you have a strong advocate at all times.

Guardianships in Missouri

There are two distinct types of guardianships that you can establish, which would be a:

  • Guardian for minor children: Guardianships for children who will need care in the event that the parents are unable to care for them.
  • Guardian for disabled adult: Guardianships for disabled adults or the elderly who cannot make financial and personal decisions for themselves.

Unlike visitation under family law matters, there is no type of visitation with regard to guardianships. The guardian has absolute power, so choosing the appropriate person is important. When you work our law firm, we will explain the details about establishing a guardianship in Missouri and make certain that we clearly understand your goals and intentions. Attorney Stephen Daniels will provide step-by-step guidance and support throughout the process.

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